BIG News for Wedding Bookings in 2015!!

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Hi Everyone!!

We can’t even begin to let you know of our recent partnerships for 2015!  Yup, you read that right – partnerships!   Can’t.  Even.

As many of you know, JMarcMedia’s core offerings has mainly been gorgeous, engaging, rich video.  As our popularity has quickly grown beyond our wildest expectations, not to mention capabilities!, we know our couples want more!  “Moarrrr“??  The question comes up time after time from our couples – ”Can you guys offer photos so that we don’t have to look elsewhere?!

Well, we listened and now we’re happy to announce to all you Brides and Grooms, we have now partnered with the internationally renowned photographer:  Michelle Nicole Photography!  We’ve both been collaborating on various events by chance and we thought, ”Hey, let’s join forces and bring our couples an unbeatable collection of Photos and Video that no other studio is offering!“  With our newfound collaboration, we are now able to bring to you, our clients, savings on combination bookings of Photo and Video!  ”Aside from the savings, what’s the benefit of going with both of you guys?“  Glad you asked!  Michelle Nicole and JMarcMedia has collaborative chemistry that is unparalleled to any other standalone studios.  We bring out the creatives in each other and the end result – pure magic.    Want to learn more?!  Reach out to us at: or

And in other spectacular news – We’ve now secured a partnership with not one, but TWO South Bay Boutique Hotels:  The Grand Hotel and Cupertino Inn!   So what does this mean for you, our clients?  Our newfound partnership allows you to book free nights at either conveniently located hotels for the day of your wedding!  Not only can you book your free night, but you can also use their bridal suites in the morning for getting ready/make up preps!  Talk about convenience!!!  At JMarcMedia, we care about how you look in your photos and video and that’s why we go the extra mile to make your day extra special.  But wait, there’s more!!!  ”Say whattttt???“  Are you expecting out of town guests to attend your wedding?  Rest assured, they too will be able to stay at any of our partnered hotels at a hugely discounted rate!  Can’t even?  Yeah, we can’t possible even either.

Well, I think that’s enough mind blowing news for now!  Contact us today and find out how you can take advantage of huge savings with JMarcMedia

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